How to return the first word in a given string

Hi Community!

Is there a way to return the first word in a string?

For example, lets say a mailhook needs to check the first word in the subject line of an email.
e.g. “ABC100 - some more text”
how to extract ABC100 to use in a subsequent lookup?
I’ve tried using substring() however the length of the 1st word can vary. I’ve tried using the first(split()) to find the “-” and then grab the first word from the created array but I cannot rely on a “-” char being entered in the subject line… e.g. subject: “ABC100 some more text”

I’m sure there’s a simple solution here :slight_smile:


You can use the built-in function split


{{ first(split("ABC100 - some more text"; space )) }}


For more information, see string functions in the help center.

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Thanks you samliew. that worked! I didn’t see the SPACE keyword. lovely!