How to schedule the sending of text messages and whatsapp messages

I need guidance on how to schedule the sending of text messages and whatsapp messages, I have already tried with schedule on demand but if the api does not require it, it does not send it, or I have to create my calendar to schedule the sending of text messages and from whatsapp?, basically the idea of ​​using make to be able to connect google forms with twilio and at the same time twilio with google sheets to save the status of the message. The idea is to make an application that sends reminder notifications in the form of text messages and whatsapp messages.

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Hi @Juan_Carlos_Arias_Bo, can you send us a screenshot of the automation you are trying to create?

In addition, you could tell us the steps you want the automation to perform, for example:

  1. Wait for data in Google Forms
  2. Then, record the data in a Google spreadsheet
  3. Then send the WhatsApp message with Twillio.
  4. Register the status of the message sent in the Google spreadsheet

These are the steps I used to make my scenario, the scenario at the moment doesn’t work and doesn’t show me errors that give me clues that it’s failing, anyway.

First, use in the scenario a response observer for google forms that sends the new responses to the spreadsheet created in the google forms.

Second, Add some variables with values, the values of those variables are the time that should be left for the date and the time that should be left for the appointment time.

Third, create a router that connects with google task and with google calendar, to create tasks and to have an agenda in google calendar and each one is connected to the spreadsheet generated with google forms and returns the date of the appointment and the type of event.

Fourth, add 4 lines to the router that are for sending whatsapp and text messages, how to use a filter for those four routes to prove that it only sends the message when there is 1 day left for the appointment and another for when there are 30 min left.

The problems I have are how do I know what type of variable it receives in the datatime and time filters.

Another is to make a calendar that sends whatsapp and text messages to twilio.

Those are my concerns but if there is a way to make this easier and you want to suggest it to me, please I’m all ears.

Also this has a filter through the router to twilio, see.

But the filters don’t work.

This is the map of the scenario.

hello I replied to your message but I did not in your thread.

@Juan_Carlos_Arias_Bo , you have to separate this process into 2:

  • On the one hand, receive and store appointments
  • Verify and send messages by WhatsApp and text messages by Twilio.

So, create two scenarios:

  1. Wait for the Google Form registrations, create the Google task, schedule the appointment in Google Calendar, and store the data in the Google spreadsheet.
  2. You create a 2nd scenario that is activated every hour and searches the Google spreadsheet for the appointments that you must notify, and then you connect Twilio to send the WhatsApp and SMS messages.
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What is the module that waits for the google forms responses by registration? The first scenario is ready but I had a handle error, what could it be? I mounted a photo.

In the second scenario, how does make know to notify at a certain time and date?

I put up photos so you can see how I did the scenarios and you can collaborate with me in a better way.

@Francisco_Fontes I need your help please, I just need to know how to make google spreadsheet send the messages at the stipulated date and time?

Could you show how the data is being saved in the Google spreadsheet?

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  1. I chose the schedule in demand, I did not know in which schedule to put this module.

  2. Then I chose google forms and the action I used was watch response.

  3. And finally I chose which spreadsheet I was going to fill out depending on the answers.

Hello, can you please help me?

Could you show how the data is being saved in the Google spreadsheet?

Do you need a video? Because above I am showing how the form is saved, with the google forms module, “watch response” where the responses are automatically being watched, or are you referring to how I am saving the information from google forms, here is the Link of how I request the information.

I need to see the data in the spreadsheet, how the dates are being saved.

If you can record a video of the process that you have put together, that would also be good.

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here is the video that shows what I have captured in make integromat.

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Hello, can you please help me?