How to search data store with array?

Hi there,

I don’t get my head around this (probably simple) task.

I want to search a data store with data from another data store. In this scenario, I’m searching data store 1 with a filter and aggregate the result.

After that I map the aggregated data which looks like this:

In the second data store module I want to filter all entries which contain values of the previous set variables.

Unfortunately, I don’t get the result I want. I put in the whole array but don’t get any output. The School-IDs shown are definitely in the second data store.

I know, there must be a simple answer. What am I doing wrong?

You aggregated into an array, and you cannot compare a value to an array using the Numeric operator.

You can try converting your array of IDs into a pattern and use a Text pattern operator to compare instead.

Screenshot_2024-02-02_100220 (2)

This should convert your array into something like this:


The brackets and pipe character | are regular expression (pattern) operators.



thank you for your quick response.

I set up like you said but still not getting the result I want.

Still no output.


Is there another way to do this?

hi Tobi!
first, I am so very grateful for you asking your question because it is exactly what i have been struggling with myself for HOURS. Your creating this thread is what brought @samliew here to answer for you, and for me today!
I have good news for you - the solution that @samliew gave absolutely works! And here’s the other good news - it can work for you as well.
The reason it’s not working for you is that you need to use the filter operator “Text operators: Does not match pattern”

See my picture below: I’m on the ground running now! thanks again