How to secure my webhook with an APIKEY

Hello Makers,
I have a very simple requirement. I’m sure I just missed the solution.
I want to secure my webhook with an APIKEY. So deposit a key with Make so that only one request with the key in the header comes through.
As I said, it’s certainly simple, but I don’t see it.
Thanks for the help


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Hi @Yaenz

  1. enable “Get request headers”

  2. Put your token in the header

  3. Put a filter between the webhook module and the next module and check if the token matches your token.



:rofl: It Looks like @ecomsilio Beat me to it,

I’m putting my response in a details block to not blow out the thread since the info is pretty similar.

Details inside anyways

Howdy @Yaenz Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

Heres a much less secure version of what you are looking for, but the basics are here.

We have a NBA Player projection model as one of our long running services.

it normally runs on a 5-minute update loop, so

(It passes a true value) note this)

But sometimes the subject experts in the NBA department need to push a manual update, or correct an automatic one.

I needed a way to tell if a push was manual or automatic. if the automatic =TRUE, then it sends an “x” discord message, if not it goes the other route.

:information_source: You can add a query string to a button by doing,

:warning: That’s generally not recommendedHeres a very simple version of what you are going for! for secret keys that protect highly sensitive data. those are better to put in the body.

Let me know if this is enough to get you going :smiley:
Happy to elaborate more if needed.


Thanks to @ecomsilio that sound so good.
How this should look like? Would be great if you could show me an example please

Here you go :slight_smile:


If I had multiple API-Keys - lets say for customers -, I’d simply check the list of keys and filter on the condition it exists?

Thanks so much … thats it.