How to send whatsapp notification to an agent


I am using a whatsapp bot to send templates to leads I get thrugh my landing page, after a user selects contact an agent, i need to send whatsapp message with the info (name and phone number) of the person that asked for help so they can inmediately call them.

The hardest part is that I have two agents, I need the message to reach agent A, the next contact to agent B, A, B, A, B and so on…

See the screenshots, everything works fine until I need to send the message to one of my agents.


Hi @Ronald1

I could see that you are using Get Variable to call the variables from module 1.

Please note that Get Variable is used to call the variables from “Set variable” module and has to hard-code.

Hence, please remove the “get Variable” module and share the screenshot of both whatsapp modules mapping to help us to identify further errors.

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