How to set up webhook with FareHarbor

Hey guys,

I have been using Zapier for quite some time but it is getting quite expensive and I want to switch over to Make. I am currently trying to set up a scenario between FareHarbor and Sendinblue (I’ll link the connection page below) but I dont know how to work with webhooks.

When I add the FareHarbor module, its prompts me to create a webhook link, which I created but now I dont know what to do. I dont know how I can connect to my actual FareHarbor account with this hook link so I can pass the data over to Sendinblue. Can someone please help me!! Huge thank you in advance.


Most of the system specific webhook modules in Make automatically create the connection in the other system. This is effectively what was happening with what you were using in Zapier.

Because this particular module does not yet do that (I suspect that it will soon.) and due to how FareHarbor has THEIR system set up, you will need to contact FareHarbor support @ to complete the setup.

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