How to share a Linkedin organisation post via new post?

So I’ve setup a scenario to watch for new posts from my organisation page - I’d like to auto-share these on my main personal linkedin profile. I can get it to just share the message link but it does not format it as a true ‘shared’ linkedin post with the original embedded in the way it would look if I’d done so on Linkedin itself. Is there a way of doing this or formatting the message content to get Linkedin to process the new post as a share?


I too would like an answer to this one

Hello @spoilts and @Ryan_Farren, could you provide screenshots of the different examples (message link vs embedded post), so we know what’s the difference?


Hi, I would appreciate it if you avoid repeating what I have already just said, unless it is to add something new. This is to avoid pinging everyone including me, as well as to keep the conversation focused on the issue. Thank you.


Ah so I think I’ve figured out an extra element - though I post it via “share” on LinkedIn it seems to be read as a “repost” - it looks like this in the two different views


It would work i think if i could get the user id for my logged in user. I hit a weird error when running the /me api on linked in . Any ideas?

Ive tried a few ways but not sure whats wront. I have the permissions to get the data back from my Connections screen

Any idears

If i get the id back for the personal account on the connection, sharing should be straightforward

P.S. im not sure how the above reply solves the initial issue haha

Hey ,

In this you to map all the necessary requirements including Headers and query parameters.

Try it once by this and you can comeback to us.

@samliew i am very confused by what the other users in this thread are saying - I provided the sceeenshot requested and others are saying that it does not apply to my issue (I would know what the issue is as I was the OP) and the community leader user says I just need use the proper header etc, which I also don’t understand - if I knew what the proper stuff was I would not have asked this thread

Its ok @spoilts just digging a little deeper into your solution

If you have shared an organisation pot to your personal feed (Like the screenshots) can you share your solution with the community (What modules / API / headers / Body did you use)

This would help alot as I cant seem to find an answer


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I posted the screenshot as an example of what a shared repost looks like, I did that in LinkedIn, I was asked to provide an example of what the difference in post was by someone in the thread — I have not succeeded in doing this via

Ah ok @spoilts i get you now. Maybe your original request is solved then. Im trying to resolve it over on this thread, ill post the solution when i get it

Just posted solution to the mentioned thread

Hi all, did anybody manage to accomplish this yet??
I too would like to share/repost any posts from my organisation using my own profile if possible?