How to translate this curl command to my make module

Hi there,

I`m trying to upload a file to a card in Pipefy. In order to do it, Pipefy says the following:

How can I run those commands using Make? Also, the file I want to upload is a URL.


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Hi @Cristovao_Resende

You can use “HTTP : Make a request” module for the execution of the API end point.

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Thank you for replying.
Can you tell me how to “build” this request? I’m struggling with this part.


Hi @Cristovao_Resende

I see this was 5 days ago…have you found a solution?

  1. You need to add the HTTP module “Get a file” to your scenario. Put the URL of your file in the URL field—that is all you need to do on this module. This will then give you the file that you can pass to Pipefy.

  2. Add the HTTP module “Make a request” to your scenario. The URL needs to be the URL from your sample code. Method should be “PUT” (according to the screenshot you gave). Set the Content-Type, like in this screenshot. And map the “Request Content” field to the data being returned by the “Get a file” module.

The sample code doesn’t mention authentication. If your API needs authentication, you will have to use another module (such as the HTTP “Make a Basic Auth request” module). But if that is the case, I suggest you use the Pipefy “Make an API Call” module—it will be very similar to the HTTP module, but will handle authentication for you.


Hi @Terry_Hopper! Thanks for the reply. You’re absolutely correct. What I was missing was the “Get a file” module. After adding it, I was able to select it’s content in the “Make a request” module.