How to trigger Make instantly when updating item in Notion database?

Hey everyone!

As a beginner of Make, I encountered some difficulties in the process of using Make, and I hope to get your help. Maybe my problem is simple, but it bothers me for several days :sob:, still without success, I have to ask for your help, thank you in advance :pray:

The result I hope to achieve is: update a piece of data in the Nation database, it will immediately trigger Make, and automatically send an email through gmail.
To achieve this, I added Custom Webhook, Nation(Update a Database Item) and Gmail.

But it still can’t be realized: but update data in Notion database, trigger Make immediately and send mail function.

Hope to get your help and guidance, thank you very much :pray:

Have a great day,


Hi @smartway,

You are almost there, can you share a screenshot of how your scenarios look like at the moment?

From your description, you have already achieved most of the scenario settings required and props on setting up the webhooks in Notion as well. I can break down the scenarios that you need to add,

  1. Custom Webhooks as the Trigger(Since you have already setup, I believe that it is done correctly on Notion End, so whenever there is any update in Database Items it gets triggered)
    2.Notion > Get a Database Item(This is needed if you are not getting all the data from the webhooks). So, basically, you can use the ID from the Webhook Module and then grab the required data
  2. Gmail > Send an Email : This will be the last step. You can use the fields obtained from either of the previous two modules to set the receiver email, body content and such

I believe you have these already setup in your scenario. So, What is the issue that you are facing, is that the webhook is not triggered?

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Hi Runcorn,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
When I update the Notion database, nothing happens


Are you getting any data in Webhooks?

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Hi Runcorn,

Thanks for your message.

I did not get any data when I update database’s item.
but when I click “Run this module only” of each single module, it worked well.
If I only update the item of database in Notion, nothing happens. It did not trigger Webhook, I don’t know why.

Do you think it is correct for my work flow( Webhook–> Get a Database Item in Notion → Update a Database Item → Gmail ) ?

Looking forward to your helps, many thanks!!!

Have an amazing day.


Yeah @smartway,

How are you configuring Webhooks in Notion though?

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Hi Runcorn,

I am sorry for that I don’t know how to configuring Webhoos in Notion, could you tell me how to confiruring Webhoos in Notion, many many thanks.

Have a great day :pray:


Hi @smartway,

I am little lost on this.

As, The webhooks that you are mentioning, is for Notion Webhooks? Cause, Notion as per my understanding doesn’t support webhooks at the moment, I might be wrong with this.

So, If your flow is if something is updated in Notion then send an email then What you can do is,

  1. Setup Watch Database Items that will be triggered when there is any update or creation of items on your end
    2,. If needed just update the database items
  2. Send an Email

Let me know if this what you have wanted.

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Hi Runcorn,

Thanks for your patience.

Yes, I only need the work flow can perform below function:
When updated the database item in Notion, trigger instantly in Make, and send email.

I just set up a module of Watch Database Items, but it looks it can not be triggered instantly.

Many thanks


Hey @Runcorn so just to be clear, if I have a “Watch Database Items” on update set as a trigger, this is supposed to run whenever a Database item gets updated?

Basically I have created a Trigger where the type is Notion and its set to Run “On Demand”, but it seems like it does not run when I make updates to the database.

E.g I make an update and wait a long time and nothing happens but then when I do “Run Once” it updates right away.

I used to have this connected with theGist to get this behaviour but would prefer to just use 1 integration (Make) as opposed to needing two.

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