How to unzip a password-protected zip file?

Hi, I have a zip file that come in via email. I can autosave it into a folder each time the email is received. But the zip file is password protected.

How can I unzip it by auto inputting the password to unzip and save into folder?


I dont think it’s natively supported in Make, you can try using an API solution like Extract ZIP API. The API for extracting ZIP archives - ConvertAPI

Actually I do think there is an unzip app you can use. It’s called Archive.

I did check out the native Archive function but it does not seem to have an input for password to unprotected the zip file. Searched the documentation and didn’t see anything.

Not sure if I missed out on anything.

Ah yes the old password issue. Yeah it’s not doing it. The other api would possibly work mentioned above. Report back when you find something.