How to update record in AirTable using the information from JotForm

How to update record in AirTable.
I have a JotForm when the customer submit the form, data should go to the record in AirTable and fill out the information.
I create the scenario and everything work asept the File Data (PDF,JPEG e.t.c) only this feld are not sending to the AirTable

How to solve this problem ?

Hi @Andrey ,

Looks like it errored out because the mapped fields are invalid where it expects an array of objects. The ones that are showing in the description are the IDs of those affected fields. When you go to a historical run where it errored out and open the output, hover your mouse pointer over to that field then it will show the field ID.

Can you please send me a screenshot of what that looks like in your Airtable module? Also, what kind of data is that from Jotform are you syncing over to those fields in Airtable? Is it a URL?

Also another suggestion, since you’re only updating a record, be sure to add a filter after the Search Records module

Total Number of Bundles(mapped from the Search Records module)
Not Equal to