How to use line Item with PDFMONKEY Integration


I try to build a scenario webhook + pdfMonkey to generate a document which contains a list of items.
I used this Json Payload

I configured this template

The result is

template visual editor on PDFMonkey actually doesnt manage lineItem.
Solved by using HTML template and a loop over the lineItems array :

{% for lineItem in lineItems %}
<tr class=“{% cycle “bg-white”, “bg-blue-100” %}”>
{{lineItem.p1 | format: ‘%g’}}
{{lineItem.m1 | format: ‘%g’}} €

{% endfor %}

Hello @Ludovic_M :wave:

Awesome to see that you managed to find a way to work around this! Great work :clap:

Also, thanks for sharing what did the trick for you with the rest of us. This is incredibly valuable and could prove super helpful to others searching for similar information in the future. :pray: