How To Use Two Triggers In One Scenario or Anyway To Get Another Scenario Data

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I’m using Facebook Leads Form for generating new leads and using on which is the best thing. Now my question is

How can I use two triggers at the same time in one Scenario

Trigger 1 or I can Call Scenario 1 Structure

Trigger 2 or I Should Call Scenario 2 Structure

I want to use Facebook Leads form data to send through WhatsApp cloud API to my phone number. I have everything setup up but I can’t use Facebook Watch Events or WhatsApp in 2nd scenario.

How can I get facebook lead form details in scenario 2… Plz help me

You’ll need to use a third scenario starting with a webhook which can perform your shared tasks and you can call it via a webhook from either scenario

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Thank you so much for your reply and its solved now… That was helpful