HTTP Get a file - I want a pdf, but it's giving me a .bin file

So I’m trying to upload a file from a url to google drive, the google drive module file step is mapped to a HTTP get a file module. I have the url pointed to it, but it’s outputting a .bin file. How can I get this as a pdf file to upload into google drive? Thank you all for your help.

Umm, you can directly use google drive “Download a File” Module instead of the HTTP one.

HTTP sometimes(or most of the time) acts weirdly and it the content value is not there in it by default name file to file.[extension] and if the extension or content disposition is not there then it will results in file.bin.

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Thank you for your response. I have actually figured it out. The file I want to download is not in google drive, so I don’t think I can use that module. What I ended up doing was instead of mapping the file to the http module itself, I mapped it manually and changed the file name to include “.pdf” then google drive automatically converted the file. Hope this helps others.

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