HTTP GET request Question

Hello everyone,
I am using HTTP GET module to get the data of an api url endpoint in JSON format.
Here is the example of the url:
The url has a page variable which is from 1 to 11. I can only make the GET request 1 page at the time.
Is there anyway I can make GET request all the pages at the same time. Currently there are 11 pages, but in the future there could be more or less. How can automatically update the number of the pages in make without checking it manually?

@GSC You need to use repeater in here. Your aPI must be returning total number of pages also. With repeater you can set how many times your get module have to run. And it will also return counting as 1,2,3…Number of pages to run those any times.

Princy Jain
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Usually, the API documentation will tell you how to get the number of pages or total items. Do you have a link to it?


Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate it.


I’ve figured that out. Thank you so much!