HTTP module not completing

Hi there, one of my scenarios is not completing no matter what I do. All modules work fine, but when it reaches the last module (HTTP), it seems to ignore it. Interestingly, the module appears to be darker in colour than the others, almost like it’s not active or something.

I’ve tried running the module by itself and it works fine, so not sure what’s going on.

I have also checked the history notes and they do not provide any information or error. Any ideas?

Hi @Olly

This problem arises when there are no search results. To execute the HTTP Module without encountering this issue, you should activate the advanced settings within the data store search module.

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There’s a much simpler explanation for this: You need to connect your HTTP module to the Data Store module.

If you take a look at your screenshot, there is no “dotted line” path connecting your HTTP module from/to anywhere.