HTTP module - refer data from a different processed response than what Make is proposing

Hi all,

I am trying to use the collection of a HTTP module in the next modules in my scenario.

Even though I have a number of previous successful executions of the HTTP module and I can see the expected data structure in the processed response Bundle of that HTTP module I can’t find a way to refer this data of a correct execution in the following modules of my scenario.

At a certain point I got a different response for one execution for the HTTP module (HTTP 503 error code) and that’s what Make is showing me that I can use in the next modules.

How can I refer back the HTTP module parsed response of a successful execution?

Many Thanks,

You can set the HTTP module “Parse Response” set to No,

and handle the JSON data using a Parse JSON module after that, and you can generate the Data Structure of a successful response.

Then, you can use the output of this module in a later scenario.


Thanks for your suggestion. I was looking for a way to use in the following modules the data response of a previous successful response (not the latest err response that Make UI was showing me)