HTTP Request look up -> Format to JSON

Hey Make Community

I want to do a look up in a URL containing an XML file with Product Feed items.

My aim of the request is getting a series of values from a feed URL file: Name, image_link, Link, etc.

The request contains a look up parameter, which is ID in this case it could be: , And I want to look up values associated with xx.

How would I setup the request?

An example of the scenario is I want to look-up value of:
ID = 100818

And pass back data of item containing ID = 100818,

Furthermore I want to pass the related data and transform it to JSON

How would I do that?

Thank you in advance!

You could try something like this…

HTTP Get a file → XML Parse XML → JSON Transform to JSON → JSON Parse JSON

This will get the XML, parse it out, convert it to JSON string, then parse JSON. Then you could use the bits of data from the JSON and do what you need with it.
This is just an example, so your Scenario might look different and include things like aggregators and filters to get exactly what you need.
321gone.json (31.5 KB)
I’ve attached a blueprint if you want to run it yourself.


Hey Donald.
Thank you for taking time to respond, I will look into creating a data structure and see if I am able to fix my current issue :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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