I am trying to combine multiple operations into one array

I am working on a custom Linkedin application to allow my client add multiple images to his posts. So by doing so, I had to initiate uploads to linkedin API by connecting the inbuilt iterator module to the custom app meant for the initial image uploads. This works, and it initializes the image uploads based on the amount of images i send to the hook, so if i send 5 images, it will initialize 5 image uploads… So now, I need a parameter from each of the outputs, so i can store them in an array format so i can use them to make the final upload with the post in a different module. So i connected an array aggregator to the initial upload module so it can store them in a single bundle… but then, it does not, it instead stores it in separate opeartions, which is not what I need for my use case…

If you look at this screenshot, you will notice that there are 3 operations in the initial upload module… is there a way I can bundle the outputs of those operations into an array

I tried using the array aggregator, but it still runs based on operations, and I don’t need it that way, because I need to use an output parameter to make the final upload once.

Hi Kenny,

you need to aggregate the module that produces the extra bundles. In your case that is the Iterator, not the LinkedIn module. You need to change the Source Module of the Array Aggregator to the Iterator module to go back to 1 bundle.


Good evening @Stoyan_Vatov

Thank you for your response

Won’t that only store the values from the iterator into an array? What I actually need are the values from the output from the LinkedIn module, so I can then use some of the parameters to make the final post by attaching them to the final post upload request which will be sent only once.

So what I want to achieve (is to bundle multiple operation outputs from a single module triggered by an iterator) into one bundle… This is really urgent, and if it is not possible, I will look for another solution.

Thank you.

You can still select what you want to bundle in the aggregator. And it can access any module between it and the source.


Hello @Kenny_Egun :wave:

I noticed that you’ve opened a ticket with us, and our support team has investigated the matter and provided you with the following advice :arrow_down:

Extra context:
I need to accumulate the responses from several operations done by the module triggered by the iterator module. I need some data from it, so I can then use them in a different module, but this time around, I need to put them in a single request done by the module I need them for.

Make Support response:
It is important to make sure that you are selecting the “Iterator” module as a source for the aggregator module.

Source Module
The module from which the bundle aggregation will start. The source module is usually an iterator or a search module that outputs a series of bundles. Once you setup the aggregator’s Source Module (and close the aggregator’s setup), the route between the source module and the aggregator will be wrapped in a grey area to visualize the start and the end of the aggregation.

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