I am trying to connect D-ID ai with make but don't know how to do that

Hey Guys, sorry I’m new to code and make stuff, I want to connect D-ID ai with make automation and the video that D-ID generated it will show to my website

Hi @Arshad,

Need more details on how you are planning this automation. But, I can assume based on what you have at the moment, do let me know if this answers your query,

  1. I assume you do have a source from where this automation is triggered. For eg, If it is a form submission on your Website or if you are fetching the details from somewhere like GSheet, Databases or Trigger through Webhooks. You can add the appropriate source of triggers as the entry point to Make automation. For eg, If it is a GSheet then you can use Watch Rows in GSheets from Google Sheets Module, which will be triggered when a new Row is added in Google Sheets.
  2. Once you have the data ready to be used for D-ID, Now what you want to do is Use HTTP Module in Make(I assume that D-ID is not currently available in Make). See the API document: Create a clip, These API endpoints can be easily integrated via Male through HTTP Module
  3. Once the Video is generated, i.e the D-ID API returns a Relevant ID for eg, if Clip it will return Clip ID, which you can then use to grab the video/audio as a URL
  4. Now you can either chose to download the File or Directly pass it to your website, which can be either through API call to your website or if you are using Webhooks you can pass it as WEbhook Response.

want to create a website where users can input prompts and receive responses in the form of an avatar with my voice. I plan to use a tool like [https://studio.d-id.com/] to generate the avatar. A good example of what I’m envisioning is the website timeless.cool."