I need help with Discourse, Make and the Iterator module

Good morning everyone,

I am in need of some help to create a scenario using this plugin:

What I want to do:

I want to make a post every day with:

  1. The newly added posts from WordPress that day. – this should be added as a list in one post.
  2. The newly updated posts from WordPress that day. this should be added as a list in one post.

Would someone be able to guide me on how to set up the right scenario, please?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone here to help, please?

Hi @Festinger_Vault,

Don’t have much experience with WordPress, but I have some questions that can help me

Are you trying to create a list at the end of every day, or does it need to be created whenever there is a new post and you want to update it whenever there is a new one?

If you just want to do this at the end of the day, what you can do is,

  1. Use the Search POST module in WordPress instead of Watch Post Module
  2. Set you scenario to run daily at a fixed time
  3. Use required filter in Search POST module to get Post created in the given day
  4. Use Array Aggregrator
  5. Use Disclosure to create new POST

A few notes:

  • You should use the Text Aggregator module instead of the Array Aggregator. The Discourse Create a Post module takes text as the body, not an a
  • You’ll want to set the scenario to run once a day
  • You should set the Limit parameter on the WordPress Watch Posts module to more than the maximum number of posts you’d expect in one day - but not crazy high in case of unusual behaviour!

If you need any more help, post some more screenshot showing the input panels for each module.


Thanks for both your help @Runcorn and @DavidGurr_Make.

I went ahead and changed the trigger to search post and run it daily at a fixed time. I replaced the array aggregator with the text aggregator.

But unfortunately, the result of this is the following post:

I would like to have the information listed by bullet points.

Is that something that can be done?

Again, much appreciated for your feedback! We love Make.

You can use Markdown or HTML to do this.

For example:

<li> some text
<li> some more text

appears as:

  • some text
  • some more text

Have the Text Aggregator add the <li> before each item, and then in the Discourse Create a Post module wrap the Text Aggregator output in the <ul> </ul> tags.

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Thank you very much @DavidGurr_Make as this solved the issue for us!!

It is now perfectly formatted, just as expected.


Great! Note that you could also form HTML links the same way, using the HTML tag!


Thanks for the help again @DavidGurr_Make.

I am now tweaking the search trigger and I am unable to search only for NEWLY added posts that are posted today.

How can I determine it here?


I read the documentation to set up the right timing, but I am not skilled enough to make it work :slight_smile:

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

There’s two different strategies you could use:

  1. Use the Search Posts module (as suggested by @Runcorn) with the Before and After dates using calculated dates (see the addDays function and the now variable.
  2. Use the Watch Posts module to search for all posts published since the last time you ran this scenario. Make sure to right-click on the module and select “Choose where to start” and the “From now on” the first time. If the scenario is scheduled to run weekly, it will pick up all Posts in the last week.
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Thanks again @DavidGurr_Make.

I got everything working and this is the final result:

This topic can be closed, as I got everything working as expected!

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It would be super cool if you’d be open to writing this up this use-case (including a little background on yourselves) for the Community :sunglasses:

If so, please reach our to our Community Manager @Michaela !

It would also be very cool if you were interested in listing it in your own Community. We’re keen to show WordPress users what we can do :wink:

One last ask - if you’re feeling positive, a nice review of Make’s WordPress plugin would be awesome. We’ve put a lot of work in to fix some of the older problems, but the review ratings still reflect those issues and we’re keen to see that reverted!


Thanks for getting back to us our company is open to being listed for the usage case.

@Michaela can send us a private message if she is interested in taking more information about our company and usage background. We’re using make.com for multiple automation scenarios!

We wrote a review on WordPress.org for your service, as we are really happy with the assistance so far.

One suggestion for improvement: the support through email wasn’t really helpful: Milo B. just replied with the suggestion to hire a company to assist with such a basic scenario and linked me with one of your partnered websites.

Also, the make.com team on the forum of Discourse became void, while users are REALLY interested in using your services to automate their processes.

Just my 2 cents to improve your customer support :wink:

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Many thanks for the review!

Our Support service is design for dealing with specific customer problems - they don’t have the capacity to get involved with the “how do I?” category of questions.

We’ll suggest to our Support team that as well as recommending our Service Partners for this sort of question, they can also direct them to the Community.

I’ve also investigated to see who was handling responses in that Topic on the Discourse community - we’ll see if we can get that restarted.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Helya @Festinger_Vault :wave:

I’m delighted to see that you’ve successfully set everything up with the help of @DavidGurr_Make :blush:

On this :arrow_up: note, II’ll be sure to send you a private message so that we can discuss the best way to collaborate. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your story with the community. :pray:

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