I need my google sheet to be completely scanned before stopping the scenario

I have a control where users who have the status “Delayed” or “Cancelled” should be searched in my spreadsheet and these users are removed from Telegram channels. My scenario works almost fine, it turns out that it searches the spreadsheet and removes only 1 user. Even if you have more users, only the first one runs. I want all users with these statuses to be removed from my daily searches.

Look the screenshots:

I would like all users in a delay or cancellation situation to be removed and only then should the scenario be stopped

Can you help me?

I wish this full check was done every day

Just check the first module setting and see if the max number of output is set as 1.

If so then change it to 500, so it can return all the relevant search items

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Yes, it is 1 because there are several errors when trying to process larger numbers. I put it to do 1 at a time and that way it works correctly.

If I put larger numbers, it has happened that the following tasks are not executed (the sheets tasks)

See, if you are getting only 1 output from the first module then the entire scenario will process only one output.

Hence, you must increase the output limit in the first module.

Also, ​I would recommend you use an error handler (prefer Break) to automatically handle errors, reattempt run and store the incomplete execution for your manual fix. Just right-click on the module and select add an error handler (then select break).

Learn more about error handlers here: https://www.make.com/en/help/errors

Learn about the break: https://www.make.com/en/help/errors/retry#using-the-break-directive

Watch this video to see how to implement Break in your scenario: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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