I want to create a SMS automation

I want to create twillio SMS blast scenarios with automation


I want to create a scenario where i can send bulk SMS and if the receiver message back yes then the scenario it sends other sms if he says no then it sends other message.

Kinda of the this https://youtu.be/GK1716QPdUw?si=JwMHLMtMp0Tdm8SU

Hi @Ggg

You can achieve this using two different scenarios:

First Scenario:

  1. Gather all the phone numbers for SMS in a Google Sheet or other similar tools.
  2. For each phone number, utilize the “Send SMS” option (e.g., you can use the “Send SMS” feature within the “Click Send SMS” module).

Second Scenario:

  1. Collect replies by using the “Watch SMS Messages” feature of the “Click Send SMS” module.
  2. Employ a router to create two separate paths: a. In one path, include a filter option to check if the reply contains “Yes.” If it does, reply back with your response. b. In the other path, use a different option and reply back with the response you require.

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Can you give me template i still don’t understand?

If you’re using Twilio, the watch messages module can only run on a schedule or on-demand and just gets a list of messages received since the last check. If that’s okay for your use case, then use that.

If you want to react to “Yes” replies immediately, you could go into Twilio portal and configure your number to fire a webhook when a new message is received.
For the webhook address, specify the webhook address generated by Make in a new Webhook module.
This will fire your scenario every time you receive a message.

Next, in the scenario, set up filters and/or a router to filter messages that contain a “Yes”.
Use a Webhook Response module to respond to the text.

Optionally, look up that phone number in any database you have to get the sender’s name to customize the next response to that person.
Keep in mind you’ve got ~40 seconds for that Webhook Response to run, otherwise it won’t text back the person.
Instead, they’ll get a standard text back like “Accepted”, or whatever error is associated with that webhook if it’s not working correctly.

If you don’t use a Webhook response at all, but the scenario still runs, it will still text back “Accepted”, so either way it’s a good idea to keep the Webhook Response in there, even if you run it right away (with blank response message). I believe if you respond with a blank message it just won’t text anything back to the number.

If you need more time to customize the response to the text, then just use another Twilio Create a Message module.

Hope this makes sense.