I want to use perplexity AI to analyse a data table. How do i upload a CSV into a chat completion?


I want to create a scenario where perplexity AI analyses a CSV file containing marketing performance and creates an analysis report.

I can do this manually with perplexity pro, but i want to automate it end to end.

I can’t seem to workout how to upload a file and attach it to the perplexity chat completion.

Hello! Welcome to the Make community!

Where is your CSV located? If it’s in a drive you will be able to download it. but maybe you already did it?

I don’t know what fields you have to fill with the Perplexity Chat Completion, as I use ChatGPT; but in case it can help, I usually prompt what I want to do and then I map the file i downloaded, meaning your CSV content.

In case my answer is not relevant, can you please send us a screenshot of the configuration of the Perplexity module, and show the output of the module where you get the csv file?