If Break Error Module Ends, Continue with Another Module, Possible?


I want to continue with sending a message through Slack if Break Error Module is ended with attempts. I tried different combinations with Router etc but it didnt work.

Is this possible to continue with another module like Slack after the Break Modules ends for example after 3 attempts?

Hi @onurbolaca,

It is not straightforward, but it is possible to do so, if the break module fails, especially if you want to just send a message after the break module repetition is exhausted.

What you want to do is, Setup your break module like this,


You need to add the Increment function as part of the Error Handler, which is then followed by a Router, with the first Leg being the Break module and then the next one being your slack message one.

if the increment hits the maximum attempt, then you can send a message, if not continue to break the module.


Hey @Runcorn ,

I’ll try this one too! Thanks!

Hey there, @onurbolaca :wave:

Just checking in to see if you had a chance to try out Runcorn’s suggestion. We’re really curious to know if it worked for you!

If it did the trick, could you please mark it as a solution? :white_check_mark: That way, we can keep our community organized and help others find the answers they’re looking for.

Thanks a lot!

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@Michaela ,

I didn’t have time to try this out but it made sense to me.

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Alrighty, thanks a lot for the update and feel free to keep us posted :slight_smile: