🤖 If I forget to save an updated Make scenario, is it gone?

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I’ve just spent quite some time improving a scenario. I then ran it once to get some stuck data through it, and then left the page without saving. Now when I got back to the scenario I can only see my original basic version.

Can I restore the improved scenario it somehow? I’d hate to repeat the work.


:one: If you look into the History tab, you’ll see the last run of the updated scenario.

:two: While in the History tab, hold down shift, select the scenario with the cursor, and press Ctrl+C.

:three: Click the ‘Create a new scenario’ button, press Ctrl+V, and paste the scenario from History into the scenario builder.

:four: Drag the clock symbol from the empty module that appears in the builder by default to the module that triggers your scenario.


This is the best tip I’ve ever seen for this platform. I’m going to be using this 10x daily. The lack of autosave is the worst feature on make.com. Thank you for providing this workaround.


Great Tip.

We have covered the same here as a video demo:

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