ifEmpty function adding a string

Hi guys,

I am using airtable to collect data to push through to a google sheets template. If a cell is empty, I want this to be ignored when building the template.

This seems to be working using the (ifempty A;B ) but I have an issue when adding a text string to a value. Example:

{{ifempty(valueID + " SKU’s" ; ignore)}} displays “SKU’s” if the cell is empty… I want it to display nothing.

If the cell is not empty, I want it to display “valueID + SKU’s”

This seems to work ok when i remove “SKU’s” from the field… but that doesn’t help me as I need that to be displayed when the cell has a value.

Hey @Ryan , in such a case you would have to use the IF statement. Can be used like this:

{{if(valueID; valueID + " SKU’s"; ignore)}} 

Hope this helps!

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Perfect, thank you so much!