Im getting an error "4 The operation failed with an error. Validation failed for 1 parameter(s)."

Im getting this error since 2 days ago. Nothing change in the scenario configuration, it was working good and suddenly it begans throwing this error.

This is a Woocommerce watch orders, creating a google contact scenario.

It seems to be getting the information correctly from woocommerce, as it shows data size, but no being able to input it on to google contacts anymore. It shows 0kb for data size.

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blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

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Problem seems to be in google contacts not being able to read the output bundle that woocommerce throw. As the image shows, woocommerce is throwing 9.5kb of data size and google contacts shows 0kb

Any suggestions? As i said, nothing change in the configuration, it just stop working.

You did not provide a single requested information.

Please refer to the previous post for further instructions.

If you need further assistance, please provide the following:

1. Screenshots of the mappings in the Google Contacts module

2. Scenario blueprint

3. Downloaded Output Bundle of the WooCommerce module (NOT a screenshot)


Sorry for my mistake, pretty new at this. I also hesitate with the output bundle since it contains costumer personal information. Here are the free listed things.
Tell me if i post them correctly, please.

blueprint.json (30.1 KB)

Woocommerce Output Bundle.txt (4.0 KB)

thanks for your help

Scenario is schedlue to perform once a day, it has just now throw the error again. Make emails send me this information, it may be helpful as it mention the blueprint.


  • Cannot initialize the scenario because of the reason 'Scenario validation failed - 1 problem(s) found.'
  • Account 'TAC_2217469' not found in blueprint!

Looks like an empty email variable was mapped to a required field.

You can use the built-in function ifempty to set an alternative value.

{{ifempty(; "")}}


Also, the right way to map all the meta fields is

{{toArray(toCollection(1.metaData; "key"; "value"))}}



Totally work. I also make the changes you recomended in the meta field.

Thank you so much Samliew. U rule.