I'm quite new to make, I'm trying to create a scenario where I can be updating ID numbers on google spreadsheet

I have a spreadsheet where I keep employee ID, their names and so on. The employee IDs are in this format “A1001” and so on. I want to create an automation whereby anytime a new name is typed on the google sheet, it will automatically generate employee ID number for that column.

I’ve been trying to update this with “update a row” module on make.com but instead of a new ID number value to be produced on my google sheet, instead it just adds “1” to the former ID number before it.
(example) A10094 then updates to the next column as A100941 instead of A10095.

pls help me, I’m quite new to make.

Welcome to the Make community!

The “A” makes the cell/column not a number, hence you cannot increment it.

The two options are:

  1. Have two cells - One with just the number portion, and the other cell with the “A” prepended to it. You increment the number column.

  2. Get the last row’s value, remove the “A” and convert it into a number, before you increment the number

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