In need of support in regards to ChatGPT Parse module

Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first post. Thank you so much in advance to anyone that can help.

I’ve been super impressed by the documentation and ease of use with so far, but have been having issues with the test parsing module.

I’m trying to make an automation where a user sends an email to a special email address with some unstructured data: “John Smith of Xyz Ltd”, and a new lead is created in Salesforce. In the middle of the Gmail and Salesforce module, I am needing ChatGPT to extract the firstname, secondname and company of the unstructured message.

I am able to connect all the apps, but am having issues with the Parsing module, it doesnt seem to work.

I guess the questions I have are:

  • Do I need to add “object definitions”?
  • Are my “prompt” and “description” good enough?
  • What do I put under “mappings”

Hi @Niko_Leon ,

We have a solution for you. We would recommend the “GPT: Create Completion” Module instead of the “GTP: Transform text to Structured Data” module.

Please check the below images.

So for more clarity, you can watch the below loom.

We are also attaching the blueprint of the GPT module below.
GPT.txt (17.3 KB)

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Thanks so much for coming back to me, I successfully followed your instructions but encountered issues at the next module. All the 3 elements seem to be part of the same “result”. How do I separate them so that I can input them into Saleforce?


the result field is a raw json document, which means you have to add a Json/Parse Json module after and map “result”; it will parse the Json doc and let you choose any field.