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Maestros Innovadores: Cómo Crear Encuestas Perfectas con IA

:rocket: Innovative Masters: How to Create Perfect Surveys with AI :robot:

TRADITIONAL METHOD :mantelpiece_clock:

Designing a good test is a meticulous task. It requires time to read the material, create relevant questions, and review and adjust the test. This time is often a scarce resource due to the multiple responsibilities that teachers handle daily.


Innovation comes into play: Now, the teacher chooses a story, and the OpenAI artificial intelligence generates five true or false questions. These questions are integrated into an online questionnaire sent directly to students. Best of all, it is self-correcting and assigns a score to each student upon completion.

:star2: Automated Process with Make

I’ve created automation in Make that integrates OpenAI, Typeform, and a Google Sheet. And the efficiency speaks for itself: now the teacher only needs 17 seconds to complete this task. :clock3:

Do you want to see it in action? :movie_camera: (In Spanish)

If you’re interested in how this innovation is changing the game in education, we’ll be waiting for you tomorrow, Wednesday, August 16, at our 3rd Make Live. It will be a rare opportunity to learn more about how AI transforms how teachers create effective and efficient assessments.

Save the date and join us on this exciting journey toward smarter, more agile education. :spiral_calendar:

Episodio #3: Automatización 101 - Descubre Make :robot:
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