Inserting Blog Images with Open AI/Chat GPT

Hi there

I have a process which generates blog content using open AI and afew nifty tools, really smooth, all seo optimised etc.

My question is, is there a way to add images to my blog post as its being generated. Basically, can I set a rule where based on “1. Title”, Make will go out and either generate an image with AI, or, go to somewhere like u splash or peels and grab a relevant image for the blog post.

This post is ending up being added to a Google Doc and my plan is to them use an automation to post that to my blog. With that in mind, is it then possible to take my curated blog post, AND the image it pulls from said source, and upload it beautifully into my blog?


It depends whether your blog supports uploading of images via the API. See whether your blog CMS is supported here, and whether it has a module for doing what you want.