Instagram Business connexion

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Is there anyone who happens to have the full video on how to connect an Instagram business account to Make? I’ve already watched all the YouTube videos and read the Make documentation, but unfortunately, nothing seems to work. I must admit I’m not familiar with the Facebook Developer page either, which makes it even more challenging for me to figure out how to do this (although it seems quite easy for others).

To provide some context, I have already created my Instagram business account and added it to my developer Facebook space, but I’m still unable to identify the problem.

As I’m new to this beautiful world of Make and not a developer, it’s understandable that I’m facing some difficulties.

Thank you so much for your help!

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To connect your Instagram Business account with (Integromat) and perform actions using the Instagram API, follow these summarized steps:

  1. Create a Facebook Developer account on the Facebook Developer website.
  2. Set up your Instagram account as a Business account and connect it to a Facebook Page.
  3. Create a new Facebook App for your integration.
  4. Access the Facebook Developer Dashboard, navigate to the “Instagram Basic Display” tab, and create a new app for “Basic Display.”
  5. Obtain the User Token by following the authentication process and granting necessary permissions.
  6. Log in to your (Integromat) account and create a new scenario.
  7. Add the “Instagram” module to your scenario and create a new connection using the User Token obtained earlier.
  8. Configure actions in your scenario, such as retrieving media or user information from your Instagram Business account.
  9. Test each action to ensure they function correctly.
  10. Enable your scenario to run automatically based on your trigger or schedule settings.
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Hi, thanks a lot for your answer !! I have done all the steps, except maybe the 5. Not quite sure how to do this one. Could you please me more specific, a little lost there.

Thanks again !