Instagram to telegram , help needed with arrays in telegram (last step left)

Hi I have been able to get URL of my Instagram post, create an array .

But issue is how to ensure that array of any length (array has list of URLs) can get posted on telegram.

Currently I have to set up filter for each array length (2 urls, 3 urls ,4 urls etc)


Putting url of every image (putting it manually / per case)

Is there more smarter way to do this .

like → this

blue print

blueprint (3).json (108.3 KB)

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Hi @Shashwat_Chopra ,

Yes, you are so close!

  1. Remove all the Routers, so that you have one Telegram Bot.

  2. In the Array Aggregator, set the “Target structure type” to “Telegram Bot…Media”, and map each field from your array into the Telegram Bot field structure. Something like this, but more complete:

  1. In the Telegram Bot module, slide the control to “Map” the Media field, rather than adding individual items, and then map the Array produced by your Array Aggregator to this field.

Sorry, I don’t have a telegram account to screenshots for you. Do let me know if this makes sense or if I could explain it better!

this really worked like a charm, thank you.

my final scenario

i have one more doubt, can i use multiple separators in a single regex expression

i want the delimiters to be either of .-;: these four.

input → twitter : caption 1 _________ output → caption 1
input → twitter - caption 1 _________ output → caption 1
input → twitter , caption 1 __________ output → caption 1

regex/ delimiter can be of any of this form. (-:,)