Integration with Power Automate

I have some clients who need to use Power Automate for some automations (mostly around SharePoint). I prefer to use Make if possible, but sometimes I need to start in Power Automate.

What I would like to do is to trigger a Make scenario from Power Automate so that I don’t have to maintain two separate triggers. Basically, I’d like to have Power Automate do its thing and then run a Make scenario from the Power Automate flow.

Has anyone tried to do this and was it successful?

Thanks in advance,
Monroe Horn

Use HTTP call in Power Automate.


Usually this is done with incoming webhooks to make. Have you tried this?

I’ve worked a little bit with webhooks. I was hoping someone would have a “recipe” for it they might share so I wouldn’t have to figure it out for myself :slight_smile:

No but…

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