Invalid character in header content ["authorization"]

how to find solution for this one? im having this trouble when i connect my pinterest account and it cant read my board and i cant create the board thru make also. kindly help me how to do this
thanks a lot

Welcome to the Make community!

This mostly happens when you have a token generated with characters such as (mostly) three dots ‘…’ somewhere in the token, and you incorrectly copied it.

Other issues may include spaces before/after the token or newlines when copying tokens.

Try to delete the existing connection, then re-make the connection with the full, exact (and nothing but the) token provided by Pinterest.


thank you for answering, but i have this problem also where my boards cant be read whenever i connect the account

Can you explain with screenshots the steps you took to create the Pinterest connection?


hi, thanks for replying. i used this token. i copied it

That’s only a session variable for use in a web browser, and is not an API token.

Follow the instructions linked here: