Invoicing in Portugal

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I am quite new to this so sorry in advance if I make some stupide questions here.

I want to use make to automate my invoicing. In Portugal, now to invoice clients you may use some certified program. I haven’t seen one here so far. Can anybody dealing with the same issue advise me a certified program on make to invoice in Portugal. I’d like to make an automation between airtable and this certified program.

One famous program is InvoiceXpress or weoInvoice but I can not find it here. Is there a way to integrate them ?

Thanks in advance for the answer.


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If the external service has a Developer API Reference/Documentation, then you should be able to integrate the endpoints in Make using the generic HTTP “Make a request” module.

You can also suggest for it to be made in the Idea exchange. Don’t forget to search for it first, in case someone already suggested it!


Hey @thibaut

You can implement InvoiceXpress via http call on
I am sharing API doc url for “Create invoice” in of InvoiceXpress
Create | Invoicexpress

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Thanks for the answer. Will do it

Thanks for the answer. I will have a look and see if I am technically able to do it