Is it possible to copy an existing module to error handler route?

Is is possible to copy an existing module to an error handler route?

I am importing a .tsv file, parsing the CSV, then adding the data to a Data Store.

My problem - The .tsv has 3 fields that contain a date. However, sometimes 1 of the fields may be empty. In this case, the scenario/filers cannot parse the date from text. When this happens, I need to setup an error handler to then add the data to the Data Store, but skip this field (since it doesn’t exist). This scenario uses the .tsv data and Data Store in 5 different ways.

This is a very large Data Structure and I’d rather just copy this Data Store module to an error handler route and make a few changes, rather setup 5 individual huge Data Store modules for error handlers.


Of course. Select the modules you wish to clone using the shift and drag method. Then you can right click to clone or copy and paste using your keyboard chords control-c saved control-v.

Would you mind sharing a screencast?

I can’t get it to work how you’ve described to add a cloned or copied module as an error handler.


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Thanks for the show and tell! Definitely tricky and I definitely needed to see it done to grasp


Yeah by default the error handler gives you a choice to add a regular module but most just add one of the error handler modules. Adding copied/pasted modules sort of forces you to connect them to a new “+” module and then delete it. It’s pretty awkward no doubt.


Aaaah lol! I was facing this issue a few days ago as well! Thanks for sharing @alex.newpath !