Is it possible to publish at a specific section in Homepage on WordPress Site

Made a twitter feed and able to post on a blog post. Is it possible to make it post or display on a specific section on the homepage reserved for social media timeline?

Yes, it’s likely that it’s possible, but it all depends on the theme/plugins used. We are unable to see the underlying PHP code of your theme from this forum. Could you upload your Wordpress site’s files somewhere like Github or Google Drive?

What do you mean social media timeline? In Wordpress there are post types. If the specific section only displays a certain post type, simply create a new post of that type.

Or are the items within that section indicated by a “Featured” variable within Wordpress, or similiar?


I figured out there is a plugin called display posts. it allows use of shortcode on different pages. It solved it. Thanks

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Your question is one that really jumped out at me while I was scrolling through the forums, and yes, it’s definitely very possible for you to include a Twitter feed on a specific part of your WordPress homepage. I’ve played around with this a little myself, and one way you could do it is by getting a plugin called “Custom Twitter Feeds.” Quite intuitive, it allows you very quickly to change literally everything from how the Twitter feed on your site looks to where on your homepage it appears. Need more inspiration or guidance? Check out some examples of WordPress blogs to get some cool ideas. You can find some examples here: WordPress Blog Examples: 30 Most Beautiful and Popular WordPress Blogs in 2023 - AppSalon