Is it possible to redirect a webhook URL to a new URL

Hi all,

After a webhook has been triggered, instead of showing the “Accepted” page, I want the use to be redirected to a new page, for example a Notion page.

This way I can take some informations into account through the webhook and also redirect the use to a nice landing page. Specially handy for a customer satisfaction form for example.

Thanks in advance.


You can use a Webhook response module for this.
For the status code use something like 307 or 308.
In advanced settings, add a custom header with the Key as “Location” and the Value is the URL you want to forward them to.
You can search “Redirect Example” on this page for more info Webhooks App Help Docs | Integromat Help Center


Thank you, @Donald_Mitchell. I’d like to redirect the user back to their individual member page - a dynamic URL, I guess - as opposed to a static one. Is this possible in the Webhook response module? Thank you for your help with the community!

Yes, this is possible. Just use the variable in the Value of the Location key.