'' is not a valid date

I have a scenario that processes almost 400 fields and adds/updates them in a Monday board and a Google Sheet. Of the hundreds of requests that are processed each day, exactly one is causing an error in a Google Sheet step that pauses the scenario. The error is cryptic:


Any field that is a date gets processed using scripting to the format we want. (See image below.) I have checked every field in the scenario and there are no non-date fields with the scripting code in them. There are also no incoming fields that are not a date. I checked the output bundle from the webhook and there are no date fields with anything other than a date in them.


I saw the phrase ‘values.348’ in the error and checked whether that was a Sheet column. Converting to column nomenclature yields NM, which is a text field and doesn’t have the date formatting in the scenario. I’m also stumped by the fact that it says ‘’ is not a valid date. We have blank dates in every request, so why would this one instance cause problems?

I have no idea what to check next. Any ideas?

Hi Jay!

This involves a lot of data and can be a bit tricky to troubleshoot without access to your scenario, so I’d suggest reaching out to us through a support ticket and adding the history log URL so our team can take a further look and help you get this sorted out.

You’d need to start by checking the output of module 1 for the bundle that corresponds to that specific operation of the module that contains the function to try and spot anything that could be different. Maybe it’s not empty, but in a different format. I really can’t tell without more info.

I hope that points you in the right direction!

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