Issue with filter


I have a senario which is triggered by a new file in a Google Drive folder.
This is filtered by the name of the file
However it seems that whatever I do if a new file comes into the folder the filter is blocking the flow.

When I run it once it works.
What I am doing wrong?

Screen Shot 2024-05-24 at 9.21.57 AM

Hey @Stanislas_Berteloot
Could you please mouse hover the {{37.Name}} field to see their actual content?


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Hi there
They all are properly filtering out other files

Then I’m not sure to understand the problem.
When this scenario runs, you effectively get the file which matches your filter.
What am I missing?

Although the file was in the folder at 1:47 when the scenario ran at 2:00 the filter blocked it.

Hello everybody
Any ideas?


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Hey @Stanislas_Berteloot,

When using your “Watch File” module from Google, Make is looking at your folder to see which new files have been added to the folder. Then it processes the entire list of new files identified, then mark them as “seen” to not process them anymore in the future.

“Watching” is about detecting new files uploaded.
To understand this behavior when testing your scenario, you can tell Make how to look at the folder by specifiying a start date (see image below).


In your case, once a DMI- file has been processes by the scenario, it won’t be considered anymore in further runs of your scenario.

Maybe do you want to always look at this folder and always process the DMI- file? In that case, you should use a “Search for Files” module which would always look at the current content of your folder, irrespective of previous runs.

I hope it’ll help.


Thank you Pierre and everyone,

Today the filter worked as specified. I do not understand why it didn’t before. Probably has to do with the date of the file…
Anyhow, it now works.

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