Issue with function "if"

i connected a google form to receive automatic emails. This works.

I want now go further and use a condition (this is my first try with functions).

For any reason, this very simple function if returns always the A case (the first) :

even if the value is 1 or 2 or more.

I really don’t understand this issue.

An idea of what I am doing wrong ?

Hey @Gilles_Dumas

use {{=}} instead of =



Super, thanks a lot.

Copy and paste your expression into Notepad and you can see how the “special” operators like {{=}} are formatted. You can always type out the operators by hand using {{ and }} to surround special tokens like {{null}} and {{emptystring}} and {{*}} or {{=}} or {{now}}

The color coded expressions underneath are just a collection of specially formatted text. If you learn this notation, creating expressions will be much faster. You can also just type out a function like parseNumber( and then it will make it into a function. Once you type the closing ) it will close it for you and you can insert the arguments with the {{ and }} text. You can also put the objects from modules by hand although knowing the exact syntax assumes you understand the underlying object path in dot notation (eg {{}})


Thank you a alot @alex.newpath