Issues with arrays

We are struggling because the array we are using is getting all the information we need : in this case we want to retrieve the “prix HT” which is the price in french by the way.

And then we want to use each individual price retrieved from the array (price 1 to 6) which correspond to individual line in the database “devis” to use it in google doc

Our problem is that we are not able to call specific arrays. We want to be able to differentiate array (1) or array (2), can you help us ?

Hi @caporali,

What you want to do is,

In the Array Aggregator, Select Target structure and then select Google Docs, Items for Tables > And, Put your mapping in there.
After which in the Create a Google Doc Template, Click the Map option and put the result of the array aggregator there.

Maybe this video will help,

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Hello @Runcorn

Thanks for your quick answer.

I watched the video but I still can not find it my array (see following picture)

Hi there,

I’m not 100% clear of your use case but if it’s only about determining array position, you should select the {{BundleOrderPosition}} in your aggregator setting.

So when you are mapping, instead of hard coding the number, you can use {{BundleOrderPosition}} in the position you put “1”

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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