Issues with Gmail filtering

Seems to be a lot of issues with the filtering.
I’m trying to use the:
filter, or any filter that will look for the various stars that can be applied in gmail: yellow-star; blue-info, etc.


none of them seem to work.
thanks in advance to anyone that can help point in the right direction.

What module is that?

The Gmail module

Just ran some tests, I can confirm that:

The module:

  • does not return results for has:blue-info
  • does return results for is:starred

When searching from gmail search, has:blue-info does return results.

I would contact support on this.

thanks for confirming.

apparently, this is not high on their priority list… :disappointed:

The problem is that the flags names cannot be used in the Gmail API, you need to use the following code:

has:yellow-star <=> l:^ss_sy
has:blue-star <=> l:^ss_sb 
has:red-star <=> l:^ss_sr 
has:orange-star <=> l:^ss_so
has:green-star <=> l:^ss_sg
has:purple-star <=> l:^ss_sp
has:red-bang <=> l:^ss_cr
has:yellow-bang <=> l:^ss_cy
has:blue-info <=> l:^ss_cb
has:orange-guillemet <=> l:^ss_co
has:green-check <=> l:^ss_cg
has:purple-question <=> l:^ss_cp