Items from Arrays Sent To Webhooks Being Processed Individually

This follows on from this post but it’s a separate (though related), issue really.

I’m creating an array by iterating through a list of Google Calendar event attendees and aggregating their details to JSON, which looks like this -

When that array is sent to a Make webhook via a HTTP request, each item in the array is processed as a separate bundle -

Item 1 is 1 bundle, item 2 is another bundle etc. -

How can I update the scenario so that the contents of the HTTP request are all processed at the same time? I’d like to iterate over each item in the array and respond to the HTTP request with the result of all of those iterations.

Perhaps use JSON pass-through so you’ll get a JSON string instead of being split into bundles.

Alternatively, use an aggregator immediately after the webhook.

Perhaps you should wrap it with a collection object brackets {} and give the array a property key, so you can reference the array instead.


Thanks for the suggestion, that’s looking promising. Do I need to add a Parse JSON step to convert the string back into an array so that I can iterate over it or can that be avoided?

I did look into this but since the webhook’s output is individual bundles, I couldn’t access the array to process it with the iterator.

If I can’t avoid adding the Parse JSON step, I’ll try this instead.

Actually, this seems to be the most straightforward option. I updated my request content like this -

CleanShot 2023-08-24 at 17.54.40@2x

And didn’t enable JSON pass-through. Now I can iterate over the array like this -

CleanShot 2023-08-24 at 17.56.10@2x

Thanks a lot for the help!

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