Iterator not grabbing the array in some cases

Hi everyone,
I have a scenario that gets shopify orders and does some stuff with it. 99% of orders are working fine, but I have a few occurences where the iterator that grabs the Shopify Line Items array returns empty, but the line Items are not empty.

Ex from incomplete execution :


Scenario is structured like this:

Do you have any ideas why it is not grabbing the Line Items in 8 cases out of about 400 orders that worked well ?

Thanks a lot

I am having the same issue with one of my scenario’s.

It’s not shopify but the iterator is no longer shows the line items of another app. Been working fine for a year and all of the sudden in the last 3-4 days it quit causing errors in my scenario.

Thinking it’s a bug with the iterator?

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Hi @traderjean

Please check in history and confirm if the array “line items” is empty or not.

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Hi Mohamed, I just made a quick Loom to show you, yes the line items is populated : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

The incomprehensible part is that there was 369 executions in this iterator, and only 8 failed. I cannot find any common traits of these 8.