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I have an array with a set of Ids and a second module that has the values to those Ids. I cant seem to figure out how to connect them so that my output would be a concatenated version of the values associated to the IDs. So the first image each of the 4 ids under wines should be a text value from image 2 joined on record id.

@Drivn I applauded the first time I saw this message. Now, it’s starting to get annoying. Can you make some adjustments. If this is going to me an automated message, it needs to be better. The question in this post could probably have been better, yes. But in my opinion it should not have gotten an automated message of this sort.

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More details of your scenario would be helpful. Making some assumptions, here’s what I would do:

  1. Aggregate the wine details (image 2) into and array (we’ll call is 1.array).
  2. Get the other stuff (image 1).
  3. Iterate the wines.
  4. Follow that by an aggregator connected to a Create JSON module (to provide the data structure (1)).
  5. By using a target data structure in the aggregator you can the map the values that you want including using an expression like this to get the wine descriptions: map(1.array; desc; id;
  6. Follow that by an aggregator connected to a Create JSON module (to provide the data structure (2)) mapping the array from aggregator module #6.

Something like this:

I know this looks a little operation expensive. But there is no looping, everything before “everything else” will use exactly 4 + 2 x (other stuff count) operations.

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Hey @JimTheMondayMan ,

Thanks for the message. Right now the “Bot” only places this reply when there is no image or video in the first post. Even if the post is edited afterwards, the message will stick.

I will see if we can improve the automation. I’ve already thought about using AI to analyze the question, image and more. Let me know if you have any ideas :smiley:



I appreciate the difficulty of what you are wanting to achieve.

Here are some thoughts:
skip posts from" experienced" users, e.g., certain level, after 5 topics created, days joined > 10, etc. In fact, now that I think about it maybe ONLY on users first post.
delay evaluation for 60 minutes (or longer) to give user a chance to edit post or another user to reply
don’t reply to every post that matches… just skip some

In my opinion, the correct objective is to try and elevate the community as a whole. Eventually something like this should not be needed or used at all… As the community it’s self will monitor and educate new users.

One final thought… maybe the logic does not need to be changed at all. Just send the message directly to the posting user and not post it as a reply.

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I mean I’m confused because my images were embedded in the post instead of an attachment. I work in the industry it shouldn’t be hard to check for either. Also if you are using automated messages spelling, grammar, and tense should all be accurate…


Did my reply give you want you needed?