JSON Parse: "Source is not valid JSON"

I’m setting up a webhook from Salesforce To make. The Webhook comes in. But the JSON Parser says: Source is not valid JSON.

The JSON looks like: {“ids”:[“a0g7S00000FzdPlQAJ”]}

The Data Structure looks like this:

Any Idea somebody to get me back on track?

Hey Rainer,

What does the ids array in the data output from the webhook look like. Is it this: {“ids”:[“a0g7S00000FzdPlQAJ”]} from your message?

If so, I think the issue is that Make is automatically parsing this, and when you try to parse it in the JSON, it is invalid. Can you use the output from the webhook instead of Parsing it in the JSON module?

To work with the Parse JSON module try something like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.51.08 AM


Thank you @IOA_Harman. You are correct. It is already parsed. Thought, I have to do it. Thank you again!

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