JSON Parser error Collection can't be converted to text


Would really appreciate some help with this problem.

I have a Vapi module that brings in JSON data and I want to pass one of the values to a mySQL module. I added a JSON parse module in order to pull the value out of JSON format to pass into the mySQL module to perform a query. The error I always get is


Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

  • Collection can’t be converted to text for parameter ‘json’.

I’ve tried passing the JSON directly to the mySQL module but it only provides the raw collection so I can’t get the value out of it for my query. It seems to me that the JSON parser should be able to parse a JSON collection easily but after 15 hours or researching and hacking away at this problem I’m still where I started. Any ideas how to make this work or any workarounds? Disclaimer, I’m new to JSON, make and vapi so I hope I’m making sense.

Thanks, Mark

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Parse JSON expects a text string containing properly formatted JSON and then creates the necessary bundles composted of arrays and collections inside the original text string.

You have what appears to be a Vapi trigger which will generate already parsed output bundles ready to be used by other modules so you won’t have any JSON coming out of Vapi (unless of course one of the elements is a JSON string). From your screen shot that does not appear to be the case that Vapi is sending out any JSON strings so you don’t really need to Parse JSON there.

If you show us the output bundle from the Vapi trigger we can help you identify what to map into your MySQL module for searching. Most likely you can map the value directly into the MySQL module but it all depends what you need to get from the Vapi trigger.

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